A cock meat was organized by Sadba Trainng Centre at its own premise on 29/12/2008 at 11 A.M. The meet emphasizes on the prospects/need of Information Technology in today's competitive world especially in the field of Hardware & Networking Technology. Mr. Nagendra Nath Bhagawati, president of the organization has conducted the meeting and welcomed the guests viz. Mr. K. Baruah, Director, DOEACC Centre, Guwahati, Dr. S.K.Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Science, HOD Deptt. Of Botany, Gauhati University, Dr. N. K. Deka, Sr.Lecturer, Cotton College, Mr. Raju Sarma, Sr. Engg. Doeacc Centre Guwahati. 
In this meeting sadba Training center has also publicly announced its new name as SADBA Institute Of Technology as per their resolution.


In the interactive session with the press reporters/electronic media present in the meeting, Mr. K. Baruah has highlighted on the scope of employment in the field of Hardware and Networking Technology and also explained the career opportunity of DOEACC Hardware courses. He also added that according to Manufacturer's Association for Information Technology (MAIT)-Ernst & Young study 2003, the Computer Hardware professionals existing currently in India are estimated to be 0.24 mn, while the Computer Hardware professionals required by the year 2010 is 2.4 mn. Hence there is a wide gap of hardware professionals, which is required to be bridged. Further, PCs are entering in a big way in Class B and Class C cities in Offices, Banks and Postal Services in India, apart from huge demand in the home segment thereby necessitating more and more hardware professionals.

Dr. N.K. Deka has explained about the procedure and norms to be fulfilled by an Institute to be accredited by DOEACC and put stress on that Sadba has not only got accredited by DOEACC but also opened up the source of employment/self employment for many students through their Computer Hardware & Networking Courses.

Mr. Raju Sarma, in his speech, has given importance in the need of self-development also along with the regular studies for a Lerner and highlighted that DOEACC Hardware courses has fulfilled that need by introducing paper like Personality Development & Communication Skill along with the syllabus.

At the end of the meeting all the esteemed guests had congratulated Sadba for it’s past activities and also took initiative to guide sadba in near future openings.

The meeting has ended by the vote of thanks to the esteemed guest, all the reporters and other audiences by the president of the organization.