We are a group of IT professionals extremely competitive and of the highest professional standards having more than 7 years of experience in various field of Information Technology.


The concept behind the birth of this society has its background in three main perceptions. They are:

  • Information Technology is widely considered as an important competitive weapon and has under wide discussions in business life and among government organizations.

  • Information Technology demands special attention for its beneficial contribution towards Indian Economy and to enhance employment.

  • Growth of IT industry for the purpose of socio-economic development of North-East.


To come-up with the main objective of the society we have defined our primary goal, that is,

  • To transmit the knowledge of Information Technology effectively in a process-oriented way.

  • To provide good understanding of the various aspects of the subject.

  • To fulfill the training needs of students ,professionals and entrepreneurs

  • To upgrade their knowledge base and enhance their career prospects.


  • Making people aware about IT related Technologies and processes.

  • Planning for implementation of IT and development of the same in the small-scale industries as well as the Government/Private organizations.

  • Providing total IT management support to various Non-profitable Organization.

  • The vital aim of the society is to provide quality IT training by Industry experience trainer and professionals in each and every corner of the state and beyond the region.

  • Provide IT education to school and college student with affordable price and state of art facility. Generate high-level professionalism, at affordable cost.

  • Maintain and develop brotherhood harmony and emity, prosperity among the people of the North-East by organizing various seminars, meeting, discussion etc.


Manpower development training related to
  • Software development and designing.
  • Hardware section.
  • Computer Networking

Organising workshop on various topics like
  • Networking
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Quality Control
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IT related processes

Offering courses ranging from training in various facets of information technology to management development, and other tailor made professional training Programmes to meet the requirements of individual , executives of organization and government departments.

For schools we are giving support for the students who are willing to take computer science as their elective subject.

To generate IT education in the rural areas, we are having talks with existing institutes in those areas for proper quality education, which will come under our authorized training centre. We are going to guide them regarding course and examination schedule.

Under the intensive training programme we have introduced courses on operating system like Windows 2000 Administrator, Linux, Sun-Solaris, Database like SQL Server and Oracle.